100NO 534: Gut Health Mastery with Damian Kristof

Episode Summary

Marcus here 🙂 I believe Damo is the number one gut health expert on the planet!

Why? Because if I had a gut health problem, Damo would be the first person I’d go to and trust 🙂 Simple as that!

Damo says this episode is basic and low brow – I believe it’s right up there as one of the most informative and potentially enlightening episodes on gut health that you may hear.

Beyond Damo’s modesty is a golden wisdom that is traced throughout this conversation. Apply yourself to this chat and make it relevant for you and your loved ones, and share it with anyone who needs this right now.

Topics and factoids discussed include –

90% of absorption happens in middle gut …

The main function of the body is to absorb water …

Upper Gut symptoms include burping, indigestion, heartburn, reflex, indigestion, pain, burning, sore throat.

Chewing promotes digestion of carbs and protein.

We mention FODMAPS, Parasites … Worms … Malabsorption … Constipation … Flatulence … Polyps … and more

We also discuss diets and which ones are the most gut friendly.

And we begin by discussing that in Ikaria there are NO gut health issues to speak of. Why? We believe it’s largely because of their lifestyle. How do you create a similar lifestyle? We believe you need to Experience it, which is why we’re excited to announce that we are returning to Ikaria in 2024 as well as running our first Longevity Experience in Sardinia!

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