Sardinia Longevity Experience

1-10 September 2024

Join us in Sardinia for a nurturing Longevity Experience. Immerse yourself in one of the world’s Blue Zones for 10 days of breathtaking nature, food, wine and extraordinary longevity. Learn first-hand how Sardinians live longer and return home with a new-found love for life at every age.

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Longevity Through Lifestyle

Sardinians know longevity. The Sardinian Longevity Experience is all about experiencing that first-hand. Leave your preconceived notions of food, community and time at home and live as the Sardinians do.

This bucket list trip of a lifetime suits anyone looking to uproot their relationship with their own life. A completely alternative lifestyle focussed on simplicity, nature and an easygoing sense of timelessness. You’ll spend time connecting with locals, learning why they live longer, more fulfilling lives.

Where We’ll Stay

Of the hundreds of villages in Sardinia (the island population is 1.6 million compared to Ikaria’s 7500), only 13 villages in Sardinia make up the National Geographic Sardinian Blue Zone. So, while it’s tempting to stay at a beautiful 5-star hotel and lie by the pool for 10 days, we’ll be based at the epicentre of longevity in Sardinia.

Our accommodation is the traditional huts of Antichi Ovilli, built and designed by Sardinian shepherds. Antichi Ovilli is located in the small inland village of Orroli, renowned for many years as the village with the highest amount of European centenarians.

Ivo Pirisi – our host for this Experience – informs us that the food prepared by the owners is beyond words, so the mix of design, food and proximity to the longevity lifestyle made this location a no-brainer for our base.

What Activities to Expect

In line with the Sardinian culture of spontaneity, we don’t provide an itinerary in advance. If the group needs a rest, we’ll bring a rest day forward; and if the group is busting with energy, we’ll add in a hike. 

You can expect an array of unforgettable activities, including:

Food & Wine

Tour a traditional mill and enjoy olive oil tasting

Join locals for a hands-on fresh pasta-making class

Bake bread with the locals

Dine in the Cabras area after a wine cellar tour

Roman Ruins in Sardinia


Giara Park

Take a guided walk through and watch out for wild horses

Seulo Woods

Visit a water temple and do activities with a shepherd

Sardinia National Park

Hike through the hills

Mal di Ventre Island

Relax on the beach and hike around Roman ruins

Culture & History

Craft activities

Learn from the locals about their unique bonds between elderly Orrolis and younger generations. Observe how traditional skills are passed on


A private traditional woodwind concert

Lifestyle visits

Chat with the centenarians and local elders

Bottarga workshops

Visit local artisans in the Cabras area


Ancient City of Tharros, Mont’E Prama Giants and Nuraghe Su Nuraxi

The 5 Blue Zones

Sardinia is one of 5 communities with the highest proportion of centenarians on the planet. These Blue Zones were identified by National Geographic with the hopes of discovering lifestyle characteristics that the rest of the world could follow.

Meet your hosts


Marcus Pearce is magnificently obsessed with helping people create their exceptional life. A former journalist, radio and television producer, Marcus has interviewed hundreds of the world’s most graceful agers, high achievers and interesting people, many of them on his podcast 100 Not Out.


Nutritionist, Naturopath and Chiropractor, Dr Damian Kristof is a highly sought after presenter and speaker in the Wellness industry. With over 20 years of experience, Damian’s in-depth knowledge coupled with his friendly and dynamic presenting style, has him in high demand.


Our host in Sardinia is a good-looking Italian rooster! Dr Ivo Pirisi holds a PhD degree in Biology and a specialisation in Nutrition. He grew up in a small Sardinian village where strong community bonds are still cherished. Dr Ivo studied the metabolism of fats at the University of Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy).

Ivo Pirisi

Ivo Pirisi

Our host in Sardinia is a good-looking Italian rooster!

Dr Ivo Pirisi holds a PhD degree in Biology and a specialisation in Nutrition. He grew up in a small Sardinian village where strong community bonds are still cherished. Dr Ivo studied the metabolism of fats at the University of Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy).

Later, he worked with local communities, artisans, farmers, shepherds, and vintners to develop programs on Sardinian Longevity and the Blue Zones. The video below shows Ivo discussing the bread-making process. See how passionate he is about longevity and visualise our Sardinian Longevity Experience.

2024 Sardinia Longevity Experience

1-10 September 2024

Costs & Payment Arrangements

Twin Share $9795 pp

Single-person Supplement + $1200 AUD

This price includes all food, drinks, integration workshops and activities.

To secure your place on the trip, we will take a non-refundable $500 deposit. A further $1500 will be processed two weeks after your enrolment is confirmed and the balance is due on 28th February 2024. Flexible payment arrangements are available if the above doesn’t suit you.

Register your interest and we will get in touch to let you know if we think the experience is right for you.

What’s Included

If you buy no souvenirs, it’s possible that you won’t spend a cent during the Experience.

9 nights in Sardinia

Locally grown and prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire Longevity Experience.

Airport transfers from and to Cagliari Airport on Day 1 and 10

All transportation over the 10 days

Specialist local longevity expert host (you will love our host, Dr Ivo Pirisi)

What’s Not Included

You will need to purchase your return flights to Italy and flights to Sardinia. We can provide support on booking your internal flights.
You will need to organise your own Travel Insurance
Check out the FAQs at the bottom of this page for more information.

This trip has exceeded my expectations. I am inspired by the incredible connection to family in Ikaria. I have learnt so much whilst here.


The wonders of this island are spellbinding. The community engagement and the joy of socialising have left lasting impressions on us.

Brett & Cheryl


Yes! We’d love for you to bring your partner along. Bring your whole family if you like. We sometimes have inquisitive, engaged older children, but kids under 15 usually don’t find the experience relevant yet.

We process expressions of interest on a first-in-first-served basis. If you aren’t 100% sure whether you can make it, we recommend putting yourself as close to the front of that queue as possible. You can withdraw your application at any time and your deposit is not processed until we have contacted you directly to confirm your place on the Experience.

Absolutely! Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or have any allergies, you will be well and truly looked after. The Experience has had attendees with varied dietary requirements, and the feedback on the food has always been sensational!

There is no couples discount for the Sardinian Longevity Experience.

Our suggestion is to fly to Milan and get the 75-minute flight to Sardinia. It’s a popular holiday destination, so getting there’s easy compared to our other Longevity Experience locations.

The Experience begins on {date} and we will say farewell on {date}. You may decide to extend your trip to visit other Italian Islands or Mediterranean destinations to enjoy more of the European Summer.

We appreciate that our attendees are in different phases of life and have different financial setups. If you wish to tweak the payment arrangements outlined on this site, please email outlining your preferences.

Your registration to the Sardinian Longevity Experience is fully transferrable right up to the day of the event and to any future Experience. However, we cannot provide refunds for the Experience. We highly recommend obtaining travel and trip cancellation insurance that accounts for extenuating circumstances such as accidents or illness. We recommend Travel Insurance Direct for all your insurance needs.

Yes! You definitely will not go hungry. All meals (that’s, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) are provided during the Sardinian Longevity Experience. All meals will be served at either accommodation or a local restaurant on the island. Each day you will dine on life-extending and life-enriching traditional Sardinian food and wine.

A big YES! If you love your wine you’ll be happy to know that the traditionally cultivated and prepared Sardinian red wine is included. Sardinia is world-famous for its life-extending Cannoneau wine, which some people will love.

And if wine’s not for you, freshly squeezed juices, beer and champagne (and a few other locally produced aperitifs) are also included in the Experience.

In the words of an attendee, “I haven’t spent a cent since I’ve been here.”

No problem! Just email and Marcus will return your email as quickly as you can say Sardinia.

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