Create Memories To Last A Lifetime

Capture the sounds and thoughts of your loved one for a lifetime. To listen to your loved one speak (after their death) will send chills down your spine. Throughout the ages, time stamping your memories with and of your loved ones enables the fondest of memories to remain fresh. This is your opportunity the sounds and thoughts, the voice of your loved one, to hear their stories, their life lessons, and their wishes for the future in a timeless recording that’s yours forever. 

The Topics Of Conversation



Work Life

Future Wishes

Lessons Learnt



Births, Deaths & Marriages

Your Own Questions

Secrets not yet told … until now!

What’s The 100 Not Out Time Capsule?

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What to Expect

20 - 30 minute interview

 with your loved one


to last a lifetime

Lots of laughs

Your tricky questions

asked by Marcus & Damo

Professionally recorded

high quality audio and video interview

Easily shareable file

so that anyone, anywhere can listen

Digital delivery of your interview

within 7 days of the recording




45min audio recording

Introductory price only.

Add Ons

Professionally edited video +$499

Add to 100 Not Out +$99

No Ads +$199

Interview transcribed & printed into a book +$799

This trip has exceeded my expectations. I am inspired by the incredible connection to family in Ikaria. I have learnt so much whilst here.


The wonders of this island are spellbinding. The community engagement and the joy of socialising have left lasting impressions on us.

Brett & Cheryl

The wonders of this island are spellbinding. The community engagement and the joy of socialising have left lasting impressions on us.

Brett & Cheryl


Expressions of interest are processed on a first-in first-served basis, so even if you aren’t 100% sure on whether you can make it, we recommend that you put yourself as close to the front of the queue as possible. It is free to express your interest and you can withdraw your EOI at any time. Deposits are not processed until we have spoken with you directly and taken you through all the details of the Experience.

Absolutely! Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or have any allergies, you will be well and truly looked after. The Experience has had attendees with varied dietary requirements, and the feedback on the food has always been sensational!

There is no couples discount for the Mediterranean Longevity Experience.

Our suggestion is to fly to Athens and get the 55-minute flight to Ikaria (departs Athens at 1pm and arrives in Ikaria at 1:55pm). If you want to take the scenic route you can get a ferry from Athens or if you want to be super tricky you can get a ferry from Turkey, but flying from Athens will be the quickest. We do NOT recommend the ferry option, as it is considered far less reliable.

Thea Parikos is the founder and owner of the Trip Advisor #1 rated Thea’s Inn. Born to an Ikarian mother and an American father, Thea moved to Ikaria from Detroit over 23 years ago for a simpler life and lives with her Ikarian husband Ilias and two children, Gianni and Leftheres. Thea has been featured globally on the wisdom of the Ikarian lifestyle, including ABC, CNN, NBC, and in Australian on 60 Minutes (Ch 9) and Sunday Night (Ch 7). She is a wealth of knowledge and acts as a great bridge between learning what makes the Ikarian lifestyle so special, and how we can apply much of it to our own modern lifestyle.

Thea has been interviewed multiple times on 100 Not Out. Simply search for “Thea Parikos” or “Ikaria” at to tune in.

The Experience begins on Monday June 12 and we will say farewell on Wednesday June 21, 2023. You may decide to extend your trip to either more Greek Islands or other European destinations to enjoy more of the European Summer.

We appreciate that our attendees are in different phases of life and have different financial setups. If you wish to tweak the payment arrangements outlined on this site, please email outlining your preferences.

Your registration to the 100 Not Out Mediterranean Longevity Experience is fully transferrable right up to the day of the event and to any future Experience. However there will be no refunds provided for the Experience. We highly recommend obtaining travel insurance and Trip Cancellation Insurance that provides for extenuating circumstances happening before an event such as accidents or illness. TCI covers your flights and accommodation costs too. We recommend Travel Insurance Direct for all your insurance needs.

Yes! You will not go hungry at all! All meals (that is, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) will be provided during the 100 Not Out Mediterranean Longevity Experience. All meals will be served at the acclaimed Thea’s Restaurant or at a local restaurant on the island. Each day you will dine on life-extending and life-enriching traditional Ikarian food and wine, lovingly cooked by Thea, Athena, Poppy and the team at the #1 Trip Advisor Thea’s Restaurant.

A big YES! If you love your wine you will be happy to know that the traditionally cultivated and prepared Ikarian red wine IS included. The Ikarians drink more red wine than any of their Blue Zone counterparts, which some people will love.

And if wine’s not for you, freshly squeezed juices, beer and champagne (and a few other locally produced aperitifs) are also included in the Experience.

In the words of an attendee, “I haven’t spent a cent since I’ve been here.”

No problem! Just email and Marcus will return your email as quickly as you can say Ikaria!

No problem! Just email and Marcus will return your email as quickly as you can say Ikaria!

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