100NO 317: ANZAC Special- War Widow Thelma Zimmerman

Episode Summary

Thelma Zimmerman fell in love aged 15, was married at 18, and joined the Australian Army in 1943 with her husband Alby.

After being “found out” as husband and wife, Thelma returned home to Adelaide, whilst Alby was deployed around Asia with the Air Construction Corps, repairing airstrips blown up and destroyed by the Japanese.

Thelma saw her husband Alby for four days in the next two years.

At 96 years of age, Thelma continues to live a rich life – a strong part of the War Widows Guild of South Australia, a keen member of her local church, with a strong sense of purpose, movement and community.

Thelma Zimmerman, we salute you!

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We dedicate this episode of 100 Not Out to the tens of thousands of Australian men and women who lost their life in the numerous wars, peacekeeping efforts and conflicts around the world.

“The time has come” an Australian said,

“Bye” as he faced the door and ran ahead.

The war has started the battle begun,

Smack,boom,crash went the lethal gun.

Oww, the pain, other soldiers cried,

Most of their friends sadly died.

All the solders tried to laugh in glee,

But they all missed their family.

Every battle the bugle sang,

The soldiers heard the deafening bang.

Soon the battle is going to end,

The pain inside will never mend.

How they wished to be back home,

Safe and snug and not alone,

More and more people die,

As more soldiers painfully cry.

When it’s the end of war,

They knock happily at their door,

Soldiers go to Flanders field,

With the poppies they wield,

People look at the poppies red,

Like their blood on the graveyards head,

We remember the soldiers, who fought and died.

And all their mates fighting by their side.

We thank the soldiers who kept us alive,

And the times in war they had to survive,

We will always remember the men,

Who gave their life to defend.

Lest we forget.

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